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Curriculum for BS in Construction Management

Students must complete a total of 92 quarter credits for their bachelor’s degree. Core courses total 78 credits. Of the remaining 14 credits, construction science elective courses account for 6 credits; CM 301/BCMU 301 totals 3 credits; and other upper division electives make up the remaining 4 credits.

CM Junior Year Curriculum

Autumn Quarter
ARCH 320 – Introduction to Structures I (3 credits)
CM 310 – Introduction to the Construction Industry (3 credits)
CM 312 – Construction Accounting (3 credits)
CM 313 – Construction Methods and Materials I (4 credits)
CM 311 – Construction Documents (2 credits)
CM 413 – Competitive Business Presentations (1 credit, elective class)

Winter Quarter
ARCH 321 – Introduction to Structures II (3 credits)
CM 321 – Mechanical Systems (3 credits)
CM 322 – Electrical Systems (3 credits)
CM 323 – Construction Methods and Materials II (5 credits)
MGMT 300 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior (4 credits)

Spring Quarter
ARCH 322 – Introduction to Structures III (3 credits)
CM 331 – Construction Estimating I (4 credits)
CM 332 – Construction Equipment Management (3 credits)
CM 334 – Construction Surveying (2 credits)
Upper Division Elective (4 credits)

Summer Quarter Internship (no credits)

Students must participate in a three-month Summer Internship Program with a local construction firm between their junior and senior years in order to expose them to the widest possible range of construction management tasks and site operations. Employers may be involved in any aspect of the construction industry.

It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the internship and to submit an Internship Application to the CM Department by June 1 of their junior year. In order to participate, applicants must have completed a minimum of 45 Construction Management credits by the end of the Spring quarter. At the end of the summer, the employer fills out an evaluation form rating the student’s performance during the summer and is invited to attend the formal presentation of the student’s report. Any monetary compensation is negotiated between the student and employer. Download the CM Summer Internship Manual.

CM Senior Year Curriculum

Autumn Quarter
CM 333 – Construction Safety (3 credits)
CM 410 – Construction Estimating II (5 credits)
CM 411 – Construction Planning and Control (3 credits)

Winter Quarter

CM 421 – Project Management I (3 credits)
CM 432 – Soils and Foundations (3 credits)
CM 433 – Construction Labor Relations (3 credits)
CM 422 – Computer Applications in Construction (2 credit)
CM 4XX – Construction Science Elective (3 credits)

Spring Quarter
CM 412W – Construction Practice (3 credits)
CM 423 – Construction Law (3 credits)
CM 431 – Project Management II – Capstone (5 credits)
CM 4XX – Construction Science Elective (3 credits)

Construction/Construction Science Elective Courses (6 credits chosen from)
CM 404 – Integrated Design Build Studio (6 credits*, Winter)
CM 414 – Virtual Construction (3 credits, Autumn)
CM 415 – Heavy Construction Practices (3 credits, Autumn)
CM 416 – Residential Project Development (3 credits, Autumn) New!
CM 420 – Temporary Structures (3 credits, Spring)
CM 425 – Concrete Technology (3 credits, Winter)
CM 430 – Building Codes and Environmental Regulations (3 credits, Spring)
CM 498 – Residential Project Management (3 credits, Winter)

*3 credits will be applied as C/CS electives and 3 credits will be applied as Upper Division Electives
Required Upper Division Writing Course (4 credits total)

CM 301 –  Construction Communications (3 credits, AWS)
sample of how those electives could be fit into the program. Each student must schedule her or his own elective courses in consultation with their CM faculty adviser.