The Center for Education and Research in Construction is housed in building 5B on the Sand Point campus. The facility features 25,000 square feet of space on two levels, divided into a variety of spaces suitable for activities ranging from a small meeting to exploration of full-scale prototypes in either physical or digital space. The facility is home to several unique spaces, including:

Virtual Construction Lab
The centerpiece of this lab is a self-designed large semi-immersive display. Taking advantage of the high bay space, the screen is double height as well as three panels wide. The system was designed to be flexible and reconfigurable, so that we can make changes and upgrades
as technology improves. The current rear projection system includes 6 projectors in a 3 (wide) x 2 (high) array that creates a blended display 30′-6″ wide and 15′-3″ tall with 3072 x 1536 pixels in total.

The screen consists of 3 flat vertical panels at 20 degree angle to each other. This creates a screen that “curves” around the users who stand close to the screen, thereby creating a semi-immersive experience. However, given the large room, we can also project to an audience of 30 – 40 people. This display systems support research and education in virtual and augmented reality applications in planning, design, construction and operations. Mark Baratta, CBE Director of Computing is the primary hardware/software designer for this system.

Methods and Materials Lab
The Methods and Materials Lab focuses on productivity, safety, and health studies. It incorporate two primary components: a large high bay space in which construction systems can be used to work on specified building components or materials using standard or innovative techniques, and an integrated high-speed data acquisition system to capture multiple-feed digital video and instrument signals using high speed wireless telemetry. This space was developed in collaboration with UW’s Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Department.

Construction Education Classrooms
Several Construction Management classes are held each year at CERC, including CM 313 (Methods and Materials I), CM 404 (Integrated Design Studio), and CM 431 (Project Management II – Capstone).

In addition, CERC is used by the UWCM Department to offer professional development sessions for industry, on topics such as Lean Construction and our new BIM Certificate.

Lastly, our College, University and Industry colleagues, such as MCA of Western Washington and the Department of Urban Planning and Developement, use CERC to conduct their own trainings, meetings and special events.To learn more about using the facility, email, or see below for an overview of facility details.



Dry Erase Board

Virtual Construction Lab 40 avail avail y y
ARC Lab 120 avail avail avail y
Methods & Materials Lab 100 y y avail y
P.D. Koon Conference Room 30 y y y y
Cornerstone Classroom 25 n y y y
Seminar Room 20 n y avail y
Collaboration Suite A 10 y y y y
Collaboration Suite B 10 y y y y
Collaboration Suite C 10 y y y y
2nd Floor lobby/reception 50 y n n y
Kitchen area n/a n n n y



Rate 1

(CBE use)

Rate 2

(non-CBE UW)

Rate 3


Virtual Construction Lab $100 $125 $250
ARC Lab $70 $90 $140
Methods & Materials Lab $50 $65 $125
P.D. Koon Conference Room $40 $50 $75
Cornerstone Classroom $25 $35 $50
Seminar Room $10 $15 $20
Collaboration Suite A $15 $20 $30
Collaboration Suite B $15 $20 $30
Collaboration Suite C $15 $20 $30
2nd Floor lobby/reception n/a n/a n/a
Kitchen area n/a n/a n/a

See a snapshot of Floor 1 and 2 FLOORPlANS

CERC_SP_Vertical Overview and 2 floors